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Quotes from Nia White Belt Intensive Graduates

  • From Debbie Rosas, Co-creator of The Nia Technique:  Roberta was also there and as I said after she taught OPAL, “This is one of the best Nia classes I have seen, taken and experienced”. Bottom line, Roberta was relaxed, present and allowed the experience to develop. She forced nothing!


  • What a journey I am on…. Thank you… Vivienne, O’Neill, White Belt Participant” title=”What a journey I am on…. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience last week. I don’t think I have ever experienced such a ‘full’ week in my life. ‘Full’ of joy, enthusiasm, learning, happiness, emotions, exhaustion, physical fitness, etc. You are an amazing instructor! As a classroom teacher myself, I recognize an excellent teacher when I see one. You are kind and compassionate, yet command respect. You are clear and concise. You teach in a way that allows your students to understand completely. You have certainly earned your status as a Nia trainer and I feel you convey everything that Nia has to offer with love, grace and expertise!
    -Vivienne, O’Neill, White Belt Participant


  • Along with the opportunity to learn and understand the remarkable depth of Nia, my week of white belt training resulted in an unforgettable journey of self-discovery.  Dance has provided me much joy throughout my life, but the uniqueness of Nia training was a gift which led me into an entire new level of connecting with dance, music, energies, my senses, my emotions, my body, and wow, embracing the freedom to just be ‘me!’  Sharing the experience with a positive, genuine and accepting group of truly beautiful Nia sisters absolutely completed the amazing week.  C. Wilson


  • I had been practicing Nia for about 11 years before (finally) being able to take my White Belt, and I felt quite comfortable going into it with moving my body in a way that brings me joy. So, while it was delicious to be able to explore in more detail the self-healing aspect of Nia, what I really appreciated about the White Belt experience was all the technical knowledge I learned – how to code the music, how to tie the choreography and the music code together, how to cue movement changes, how the various Movement Forms can be utilized, and how our bodies hang and hold together; it underlined, for me, how much thought has been put into the technique of Nia. The icing on the cake was the group of women I got to share the experience with –  open, funny, interesting women – and an insightful teacher (who also possessed the previous qualities) – it was lovely to be able to learn and spend time in an atmosphere of such relaxation and acceptance.  Kirsten Bartel


  • I knew the first time I took a nia class I was hooked. Now that I have taken my white belt I want to share this blissful experience with others. The nia white belt has brought joy and magic into my life. It truly, truly encompasses the mind, body and spirit. It gave me the tools to take nia out of the class and incorporate it into everyday living. Not just for 1 to 2 hours per week in a classroom but everyday. Dancing through Life, So true!  I also have a much greater appreciation for my body lumps and all.Not to mention that I met a group of beautiful, beautiful women, all so full of magic and inspiration. I was so honoured to be in the presence of these women and to form an incredible bond. Oh yeah, and what a fuller relationship I have with my husband (wink,wink).  Nancy Inostroza


  • Taking my White Belt was my very first Nia experience. My body responded from its numb state of being into aliveness and fresh air. Any hesitation of my fitness, age, or self consciousness completely vanished as I was swept away into the song, the dance, and my body yelling “Yes” at every moment. I truly feel alive again and free, as if a new beginning is dawning just for me. I cannot express my deepest apprecition for the incredible woman who held the space in gentleness and non-judgment so each of us could just BE ourselves again. This has changed my life.  Barbara Munn


  • Thank you for a wonderful week.  I certainly came back energized.  So much so that someone saw a picture of me taken the Sunday after the course and commented that I was glowing!  The week, especially the FreeDance, gave me a chance to really reconnect, on a kinesthetic level, with my inner child – to come from that place we all have of pure feeling, no inner critic.  Thank you for creating an environment that was so conducive to letting go!  I do integrate dance into most of my days in some way and have found that doing the intensive has just made me that much more aware of how we can infuse dance/joy of movement in to all aspects of our life. – Carol Cook


  • One of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences I have attended, both physically and emotionally.  Anyone thinking of doing it should!!  - Maureen


  • I had a wonderful time.  I felt purpose, connection, openness, joy and exhilaration.  I felt the warm and generous spirit of the circle of Nia mates.  Roberta lead the training with a graceful, gentle manner.  She drew out the best in all of us and made the White Belt Training a highlight in my life.  - Carol


  • In all your wisdom and grace, you helped me to find my true essence.  Thank you! -Liz


  • Your passion for movement in all it’s forms and complexities, has awakened in me such a thirst and hunger to dance, dance, dance my way through the rest of life.  -Kim


  • Thank you for introducing me to Nia and igniting a love affair. What is wonderful about your teaching? Everything!  -Casey


  • By the end of the Nia White Belt my head felt like it was full of light.  My mind felt more open and for me it was a week of revelations and epiphanies.  -Loretta


Quotes from students:

Thank you for showing me the way to dancing to my heart’s desire.

You give so much quality in your teaching of Nia and Yoga and my health and spirit have benefited a great deal. I admire the many abilities that inspire your work and the efforts you take to connect with us on a personal level also.  Your freshness, energy and radiant smile create such a healing environment. Thank you for so many special encounters.

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and mentor.  Thank you too, for having the courage to show me where I need to go.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and joy as I return for each Nia experience.  You guide and inspire me more than you know, and I am grateful.