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Explore the natural rhythms and power of your body with Nia – a creative, barefoot workout blending modern and ethnic dance, martial arts and yoga. Experience Nia’s stretching, toning, and cardiovascular benefits while deepening your mind/body connection. Set to fascinating music, Nia is fitness with self expression that is easy to learn. Best of all, Nia is fun!

Nia Class Video “New Student”

Yoga is an ancient science of uniting mind, body, and spirit. We use breathing techniques, called pranayama, and postures, called asanas, to promote strength, flexibility, and alignment in the body, with clarity and focus of the mind. Relaxation techniques help to calm and nurture the spirit. Roberta incorporates elements from Kripalu and Vini Yoga methods, as well as drawing from her vast experience with dance.  Her yoga classes are mindful, somatic, creative and enjoyable.

Movement Based Expressive Art Explorations
is an integrated approach that explores the interplay between the inherent knowledge of the body and its creative connection to our life stories. It is inspired by and draws resources from the Halprin Life/Art Process involving: the body, movement, drawing, dialogue, and reflection. Roberta combines this methodology with The Magraw Method of body-centered psychotherapy to offer one-on-one coaching and group workshops.
Link: www.tamalpa.org